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Amaroo Hostel

Our Hostel
Located within spacious grounds on Davis Street, right near the Berrigan War Memorial Hospital, Amaroo Hostel offers 30 beds, 7 of which are in our Memory Support Unit and offer the best in care.

Offering the warmth of home, each room has its own ensuite and modern furniture, as well as direct access to a garden or terrace. For quiet time - or quality time with other residents, family and friends - there are three spacious lounge rooms, a bustling activities room and sunny Library.

Amaroo Aged Care provides for a diverse range of consumers from, within the local and wider community within a friendly and homelike environment.
Our highly qualified staff are educated to provide the best of care to everyone based on assessed needs.

Needs are assessed in a collaborative manner with input invited from each consumer and their representatives to ensure that a complete personalised care plan is created that supports requirements. Moving into a care facility can be a stressful time, at Amaroo we work with the consumer and their families to understand what is involved, the choices that are available and assist them as they transition into their new lifestyle.

Part of our philosophy is to work in partnership with the consumer and their family to ensure that they are provided with the level of care they require while, where able, still maintaining their independence. Consumers are invited to set individual goals regarding their lifestyle choices; with support provided if there is some risk involved, by working together to ensure the consumers desired outcomes are achieved. Consumers are consulted regarding all elements of their care with choices as to who provides their care and when this care is provided, i.e. choice of timing for breakfast.

Ageing in place is a priority of our care services. As care needs increase individualised care plans are regularly updated in consultation with the consumer and representatives to reflect the individual’s unique requirements.
Our seven bed Memory Support Unit is designed to provide specialised dementia care. The Memory Support Unit provides targeted care, specialised staff and facilities to support consumers.

Our services also cover palliative care. We offer sensitive support to all parties with care plans individualised depending on the individual’s wishes to provide comfort, support and quality of life.

Continuous improvement at Amaroo is an ongoing effort to improve the quality of services and care that we provide. Continuous improvement processes consider the needs of consumer and involves them in improvement activities. Feedback is encouraged and sought through day to day interaction and at the monthly Consumer & Family meetings held on the last Thursday of each month.

Wellness of our consumers is a priority and we aim to improve overall health and independence through the supports provided in partnership with allied health professionals such as:

Consumers are offered in home services from LinC Ear Clinic and Hearing Australia. (web page links to providers)
Research has found that “older people with hearing problems have more limited life space, and that these problems lower their quality of life,” and that “the movement of older people is often negatively affected by their hearing loss.” ¹

Ensuring that our consumers have access to these services is just a small part of how we contribute to a quality lifestyle.

¹ https://betterhearing.guide/improving-mobility-accessibility-with-hearing-loss/

In house hairdressers to service Amaroo Hostel Tuesday and Friday weekly.
Our talented hairdressers ensure all users of their services feel pampered and spoilt.

Medical Services
Amaroo Aged Care is conveniently placed adjacent to the Berrigan Medical Centre and next to Berrigan Multipurpose Services.
Berrigan Medical Centre provided in home services twice a week however, consumer choice also offers people where possible to access other services such as practitioners at Finley Medical Centre (20km travel).
Our consumers are also able to access medical support through accessing:

  • Dietitians
  • Specialist medical providers
  • Geriatricians
  • Surgeons
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Pallative Care experts

Our local pharmacist is our recommended supplier of all pharmaceuticals and is available to provide all medications as per our Medication Administration policy. Our pharmacist also provides annual RMMRs.

Back on Track Physiotherapy continue to attend Amaroo monthly. We are currently implementing with Back on Track Physiotherapy a Vitality pilot program in conjunction with consumers who have signed up for this opportunity.

Dimple Podiatry continues to attend the Amaroo residents on a six-weekly basis.

The provision of the podiatry service is part our of plan to minimise falls through the limitation of foot problems by:

  • Identifying and correcting underlying biomechanical and gait abnormalities
  • Assessing and treating foot pain
  • Maintenance of general foot health care
  • Footwear advice/provision
  • Nail care
  • Prescription of foot orthoses